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England 2017
Published: 2017-10-23 08:40:32
By: Lars Ek

Hello accordion friends.

On September 19th I went to Seacroft Caister again for concerts and workshops. It was the third time (1987, 2008, 2017). Wednesday, September 20th, I had a workshop between kl. 14 - 15. Music played by Frosini + own compositions. Told about Frosinis life and answered the audience?s questions. Also got an opportunity and show Frosinis bellows technology, which was much appreciated.
In the evening at. At 21.00 I once again joined the stage: played music, Frosini music and Nordic music. On September 20th I participated in the final concert. Played after my regular program three additional compositions by Pietro Frosini; Silver Moon Waltz, Lettera E Soldato, O Silencio.
A big thank you to Heather Smith who, with his friends, made sure that the accordion gala was so well done. Everything worked perfectly. Lots of music and interesting meetings.
Thank you all who came from near and far to make the accordion festival an unforgettable memory.

Accordion Greetings from

Lars Ek


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