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Frosini_siten v?xer, ny medarbetare i USA presenteras.
Publicerad: 2006-03-04
Av: Lars Ek

To all the Frosini society members and accordion lovers of the world;
My name is Emilio Magnotta, and I live in New York state in the USA. I am a young accordionist and a lover of the accordion. My love for the accordion started when I was only four years old. I started taking private accordion lessons at the age of five with one of the great accordions teachers in America, Cliff Scholl. Mr. Scholl also studied many years with Frosini and became very close to him until his death in 1951. I continued lessons with Mr. Scholl for sixteen years. A year or two after I my lessons ended, I very sadly lost my friend and teacher Mr. Scholl at the age of 88. My studies with Mr. Scholl included music from all great accordionists of the past: ( Frosini, Magnante, Deiro, etc.) Also I learned about the accordion history of the 1930?s, 40?s, and 50?s. When Mr. Scholl passed away, his dear wife,
(Mrs. Scholl), kindly gave me some gifts to remember Mr. Scholl by.
They included things such as photos, sheet music, and the best, records!
These home made records were recorded by Mr. Scholl in 1941, and included many concerts that were held in New York City. These recordings are one of a kind. The concerts were performed by Charles Magnante, Pietro Deiro Sr., Mindie Cere, Charles Nunzio, Galla-Rini, John Gart, and best of all, Pietro Frosini. My love came for Frosini from my accordion teacher.
Not to long ago I looked on the internet and said ?a Frosini web site!? WOW! After looking on the site, I had the great pleasure of talking and becoming great friends with Lars Ek, the creator of the Frosini society. I was asked by Mr. Ek to take part of the site in the English language. I am at the young and vigorous age of 27 and have a lot of knowledge about the history of the accordion and also about Frosini. I can and will help the future of the Frosini society and accordion players around the world with things that they want to know. My goal is to be the future of the Frosini society here in New York and promote the future accordionist of the new generation. I feel I am a new and young Pietro Frosini.
Thank you to all you Frosini and accordion lovers and I hope to be a great help in the future. And a special thanks to Mr. Lars Ek.
Best regards,

Emilio Magnotta


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