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New website/Maintenance
Starts: 2019-04-10 16:01:22
By: Frosini Society

Hello to all Frosini Society members!

We are very excited to bring back the new Frosini Society website to you!

The website is now accessible once more, but we are still doing some small work on the website. But it will not affect your use of the website in any way. Here is the summary of the new website and the work we have done:

- We have upgraded the security of Frosini Society website. We now provide a fully secure website where you can pay your membership and enjoy the resources without any safety concern.

- We have ensured that your data is fully protected and has not been affected by the website upgrade.

- We have not changed the website appearance much, but we are improving the website all the time!

- We no longer support Payson for membership payments. We now use only PayPal and Bank Transfer. This is mainly due to the Payson system not being compatible with the new website infrastructure.

- We still use and for managing member emails and questions.

We would like to thank all members for your support and love of Frosini´s music!. We are very grateful for your support and interest!

We hope to have a very exciting year ahead with updates to our Facebook page and also to our websites archives!. We are hoping to have some new sheet music available soon!

With Regards,
Frosini Society


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