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In memory of Bragi Hlíðberg
Published: 2019-06-13 11:27:47
By: Frosini Society

Our warmly loved accordionist, friend and honorary member of the club Accordion enthusiasts in Reykjavik, Iceland has now died 95 years old. Bragi was born in Reykjavik in 1923 and already learned as a young (10 years) of his brother to play button accordion with Norwegian system. He learned to read the music sheet from a violin teacher and in a short time began to play various kinds of accordion music, from folk music to music by Pietro Frosini. Now, Brage had grown out of his first accordion and ordered a new one which had wrongly a Swedish system. Now he had to learn about everything from the beginning!

Four years later, Bragi gave a concert at the Icelandic Opera house just 14 years old. This was September 8, 1938 and it was sold out house and a concert that no one forgets. Bragi practically practiced, ordered notes from abroad and thereby spread much new music to Icelandic accordionists. Bragi also won the Icelandic Championship in accordion. During World War II, many American soldiers were stationed in Iceland. Then Bragi met a good accordionist, David Ferrari who played piano accordion. Ferrari stubbornly demonstrated that the piano accordion had greater potential than the chromatic button accordion. Now Bragi changed from playing the button to the Piano accordion. Ferrari invited Bragi to San Francisco to meet his teacher Cagnasso. He now heard several distinguished accordionists including Galla-Rini. They all had piano accordion. Bragi was an honorary member of the Icelandic National Federation. Was elected century accordionist in Iceland in the accordion magazine 1996.

Overall, Bragi needs a beloved person´s silence and knowledge of the world´s artwork and outstanding accordion power in Iceland. Bragi became famous with many of the world´s famous accordionists who visited Iceland including Toralf Tollefsen, John Molinari and Lars Ek.

Hilmar Hjartarsson/Lars Ek


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