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A unique video recording at
Published: 2013-08-13
By: Lars Ek

Hello Accordion Friends,

Now we can finally show Frosinisocietys first accordion concert from 1986 (90 minutes) at A historical recording where we get to see the old Swedish accordions masters and the new generation accordionist, at that time as teenagers. To find this video you have to click on the new title: FS concerts up on the left side.

There are not many people who have seen the accordionist Sven Hyl?n live.
Sven Hyl?n (1907 - 1988) Musician (accordion). Born and raised in Hagfors, settled later in Stockholm. From the mid-1920s, and about 10 years he was the duet partner with Ragnar Sundquist. He was the first Swedish musician to render accordionist Pietro Deiro concerts as a soloist with the Radio Orchestra.
He lived his last years a retired life in Tensta, located just outside Stockholm. In this concert the audience pays tribute to Sven Hyl?n with a standing ovation.
On classical guitar we hear Aulis Javhola played Frosinis "Serenata Primaverile" and "Olive Blossoms".
Here the program in its entirety.
Accompaniment: Bengt Sj?berg on bass and Karl Erik Holmgren on guitar.

Section 1.
1. Lars Ek?s Hottrio: "King Cotton" Soussa
2. Sigrid ?jefelt: "Dark Eyes" arr. P. Frosini
3. Alf Hansson: "Araba" Ragnar Sundqvist
4. Sixten Wallin: "From North to south" P. Deiro
5. Cecilia Wester: "Bats at Sunset" P. Frosini
6. Erik Frank: "Fast Fingers" Erik Frank
7. Inger Nordstr?m: "Cubanola" P. Frosini.
8. Olle Johnny "Wedding of the Winds" J.T. Hall
9. Aulis Javhola: "Serenata Primaverile" P. Frosini
10. Bo G?fvert talks about; who is Sven Hyl?n
11. Sven Hyl?n hailed sitting with standing ovation

Title 2
12. Lars Ek?s Hottrio: "Potpourri Nisse Lind"
13. Sixten Wallin: "Vision of Love" arr P. Frosini
14. Alf Hansson: "Raggiana" R. Sundquist
15. Sigrid ?jefelt: "La Mariposita" P. Frosini
16. Bo G?fvert talks about; who was Pietro Frosini
17. Aulis Javhola: "Olive Blossoms" P. Frosini
18. Cecilia Wester: "Coquette Polka" P. Frosini
19. Olle Johnny "Musetta Mazurka" P. Frosini
20. Inger Nordstr?m "Mancito" P. Deiro
21. Erik Frank: "Novelty Accordion" E. Frank
22. Lars Ek: Robins at Sunrise "P. Frosini
23. Lars Ek: "The Prayer of the Accordion" L. Ek
24. Finishing with all participants
25. "Chinka Bazara" R. Sundquist
26. "Rosamunde" J. Vejvoda

This is the first concert in Frosinisocietys since its inception in 1985.
The documentation of this concert is Swedish accordion history. We will upload more Frosini concerts. The language is in Swedish. Further information is available through the newsletter.

Wishing you a very pleasant listening experience in front of the computer.

Accordion Greetings from

Lars Ek
With Best Regards
Lars Ek, CEO
International Frosinisociety
Skanneliden 46, 265 31 ?storp, Sweden
Phone: +46 (0) 8 718 06 30
Cell: +46 (0) 708 18 06 90
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