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New Photos and history
Published: 2021-5-18
By: Frosini Society

Hello Accordion Friends,

We have some wonderful new information on Frosini's journey to America from research done by Louis Coia.

Louis has done amazing research on Frosini's record with the royal navy and has found some exciting information.

Read below Louis research:

Firstly his year of birth is given as 1883 not 1885 and secondly his name is spelled GUIFFRIDA and should be GIUFFRIDA so both these elements created problems when entering his details into search engines. However I am happy to say that I have got the information for you.
Please see attached document. His period of service in total is from 22nd July 1902 through to 31st January 1904. He seems to have been in and out of service during this period. He was discharged due to being physically unfit.
I have done a bit more research on the record I found regarding Pietro's time with the Royal Navy. He served on a ship called HMS LONDON the ship was newly built see attached pages describing the ship in detail. I have also attached two photos of the ship taken at Malta one in black and white the other one in colour. I have enhanced the quality of the photos and also added colour to them.
I have also been wondering about Pietro's date of birth. Would he have given the wrong date? Personally I don't think so but without his birth record which still eludes me we can't be sure. So was it 1883 or 1885 !!!
I can't figure out what it says under the heading (RATING) Presumably as a new member of the crew on a new ship he would have been in a lower grading. Maybe it was a term used to describe non combatant crew members like musicians.
Trying to understand what his disability was the closest I can get to what it says is that he might have been (LAME) which means he may have walked with a limp or had some difficulty with his legs. I really don't know.
I have attached two photos plus other info on the ship.


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