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29 recordings_Radioprogram with Pietro Frosini in the Music Archive
Published: 2006-08-09
By: Lars Ek

1. Frosini_A Malva Rosa Emiezo Grano (medley). mp3. Victor no: V-12128
2. Frosini_Aida Rag.mp3. Victor no: V-81222 August 1928
3. Frosini_An Operatic Rag 1910.mp3. Victor no: V-16501 August 1910
4. Frosini_Carmen Rag.mp3. Victor no: Victor no: V-12047 August 1929
5. Frosini_Carnival of Venice.mp3. Decca no: 210 or Panachord no: 25738
6. Frosini_Down in Chinatown.mp3. Paramount no: 20031
7. Frosini_Echos of Naples.mp3. Victor no: V-16829 December 1910
8. Frosini_Espana.mp3. NBC Thesaurus Orthoacoustic Radio Transc. No: 1405
9. Frosino_Fantasy in C MAJOR Live 1933 WOR Radio John B Gambli.mp3 Overture in C MAJOR
10. Frosini_Florette.mp3. AAS-7901 1929
11. Frosini_Jolly Caballero Live 1933 WOR Radio John B Gambli.mp3
12. Frosini_Just Like a Gypsy.mp3 Paramount 20031 or Puritan 11031 n
13. Frosini_Lettera e Suldato.mp3. Victor no: V-12242
14. Frosini_Light Cavalry Overture Suppe.mp3. Famous 5001
15. Frosini_Mazurka Amabile.mp3. Victor no: V-12242
16. Frosini_On to Paragon.mp3. Pathe 20672 or Artuelle 020672
17. Frosini_Panama Exposition Overture 1914.mp3. Edison Blue Amberol 2537
18. Frosini_Pilgrims Chorus Tanhauser Live 1933 WOR Radio John B Gambli.mp3
19. Frosini_Rag Tag Rag.mp3 Scala 212 American Rag new
20. Frosini_Rigoletto Fantasia 1911.mp3. Beka 470
21. Frosini_Skating Queen Waltz Live 1933 WOR Radio John B Gambling.
22. Frosini_Sonata in C Major.mp3. Edison Blue Amberol no: 3129, 1914
23. Frosini_Spring Flower.mp3. Victor no: 16482 June 1910
24. Frosini_That Night When I Found Her Live 1933 WOR Radio John B Gambling
25. Frosini_The Aristocratic Coon or Intermezzo.mp3. Beka 520 , 1911
26. Frosini_Through the Park March.mp3. Edison Blue Amberol 2531 February 1914
27. Frosini_Under the Double Eagle.mp3 NBC Thesaurus Orthoacoustic Radio Transc. No: 1405
28. Frosini_Valse Chromatique.mp3 Decca 210, 1935
29. Frosini_Winx.mp3. Master no: MA-130, 8 April 1937

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