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24 unique recordings in the music archive
Published: 2007-03-19
By: Lars Ek

1. John Kimmble Allerdeen 1048: Edison Amberol 1912
(i.e. John J. Kimmel)
2. John Kimmble American cace walk 9342: Edison Gold Moulded Record
(i.e. John J. Kimmel) 1906
3. John Kimmble American Polka 9761: Edison Gold Moulded Record
(i.e. John J. Kimmel) 1908
4. John J. Kimmel Barn Dance 1285: Indestructible Record 1910
5. John Kimmble Buck dance 2384: Edison Blue Amberol 1914
(i.e. John J. Kimmel) 552: Edison Amberol 1914
6. John Kimmble Buck dance 553: Edison Amberol 1910
7. P. Frosini Carnival of Venice 3108: Edison Blue Amberol 1917
5001: Edison Record
8. John J. Kimmel Connaught man 3521: Edison Blue Amberol 1918
6045: Edison Record
9. P. Frosini Curro Cuchares 4162: Edison Blue Amberol 1921
7397: Edison Record
10. P. Frosini Echoes from the Movies 2531: Edison Blue Amberol 1915
3401: Edison Record
11. John Kimmble The Elite 927: Edison Amberol 1912
(i.e. John J. Kimmel)
12. John Kommble The Fans 10172 Edison Standard Record 1909
(i.e. John J. Kimmel)
13. P.Frosini The Four Jacks 4167:Edison Blue Amberol 1921
7404; Edison Record
14. John Kimmble German Waltz Medley 10417: Edison Standard Record 1910
(i.e. John J. Kimmel)
15. John J. Kimmel Haste to the Wedding 4194: Edison Blue Amberol 1921
7115: Edison Record
16. John J. Kommel The Home Ward March 4111: Edison Blue Amberol 1920
7118: Edison Record
17. P. Frosini I Hate to Lose You 3752: Edison Blue Amberol 1919
6440: Edison Record
18. John Kimmble International and fans Marches 504:Edison Amberol 1910
19. Guido Deiro Italian Army March 1774: Edison Blue Amberol 1913
772: Edison Amberol
20. Rudy Wiedoefts Jean 4098:Edison Blue Amberol 1920
Palacew trio 7330:Edison Record
21. John Kimmble Kimmble sic March 9581:Edison Goold Moulded Record 1907
22. John J. Kimmel Kimmel Medley 3073: Indestructible Record 1910
23. John J. Kimmel Medley of German Polkas 1327:Indestructible Record 1910
24. John Kimmble Medley of Hornpipes 1266:Indestructible Record 1910


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