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November 2003
Published: 2004-03-11
By: Lars Ek

Dear Accordionists,

The darkness of autumn is getting a stronger hold on us up here in the north. But still, the sun turns back in about a months time..!
Ahead lies December with all that it brings us. Hopefully many of us will have the time to relax with the accordion and visit the web site with all it?s possibilities, as a counterweight to the stress that Christmas sometimes bring.
There has been a request from our early members that we put the Christmas music on the site, like we used to before. Of course we shall!
Since the site is for you members, we will put the music up on the top ? in the advertisement section. It will be refreshing Christmas milieu that we hope you will enjoy. Isabelle Larsson, an experienced web designer, will do the ad. She has several degrees in advertising, arts and media productions, and has long experience with the Internet. Isabelle has worked for an advertising firm for many years. The Christmas music will be available on Nov. 30th. This is the first Sunday in Advent. You may order CD?s and MC?s through the site.
We also want to present you a suggestion for a Christmas gift for accordionists - the book on Pietro Frosini, ?The Accordion Wizard?. The book is a unique documentation where all the recordings and sheet music that has been published, are listed. This is a must for keen accordionists. You can place your order already now if you like. Andreas Karlsson, our web master will take care of things for you. The book will be translated into English, and we expect it will be ready in late spring 2004. Sven Figenschou from Norway will assist us with the translation of the book.
We have now installed an automatic service that will remind you to renew your membership one month before your expiry date. Then again, only one week before your membership expires, you will receive a second reminder. Sari Edman, our professional programmer does that job.
We have statistics on all the countries that visit Today there are 45 countries. Every now and again we will show you the ?top ten? list over the countries that are most active in visiting the site.
Here is the list we have up until the 26 of November 2003. The numbers in brackets are the rankings for October.

1. (1) US Commercial 2. (2)Norway 3. (3)Sweden 4. (4)Finland
5. (5)Denmark 6. (6)Australia 7. (8)Switzerland 8. (17)United Kingdom
9. (10)Canada 10. (7)Italy

Greece has fallen to twenty-second place.

The secretary of the American Accordionist Association, Maddalena Belfiore from the USA, has made a request that she may write an article on Unfortunately Several of AAA members do not have Internet. Frosini society is getting more and more attention all over the world nowadays through the Internet. We are all looking forward to the article, which will publish on our site under the ?Pressroom?.
The radio program from Australia (that I mentioned in August) is up and going. We hope to have on the site sometime in December.
From the 20th of December to the 4 th of January 2004, the payment and mail service on our site will be limited. Payments through ?Worldpay? will function as usual, but the administration for bank and other payments will be limited. To be able to guarantee membership during the month of September, you need to pay before the 18th of December.

I wish you all a continuous happy accordion year!

Best Regards

Lars Ek, CEO
International Frosinisociety
H?gvallav?gen 9. 131 46 Nacka, Sweden Phone: +46 (0) 8 718 06 30
Cell: +46 (0) 708 18 06 90 E-mail: Your gateway to accordion music


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